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2013 - Summer Trips


  1. 4th of July - Interdependence Day Family Campout @ Emerald Earth Sanctuary, Boonville, CA
  2. - w/ Dav, Mie, Tesla, Aila, Jeremy, Michelle, Sofia & Karina

    Late in spring, I was starting to despair, cos I'd been feeling the urge to get out of town for a while yet hadn't managed to leave even once. I posted a FB message in late spring complaining about my lack of plans/friends/inability to go on a camping trip. Liska: "You sound desperate." Me: "I am desperate!!"

    Dav took pity on us and invited us to this cool campout at Emerald Earth over July 4th weekend. Emerald Earth is a radically self reliant hippie commune where they grow their own food, get their own water from a well, make their own houses out of clay, and generally do everything themselves (except for internet, which they do use on occasion.)

    It was a super fun trip! It was Tesla's birthday so the Yaginumae arranged a bunch of random stuff (pony rides, antique roadster).

    We got to camp in the shade of redwoods, on the Emerald Earth grove.

    They had a mucky little pond so we got to swim naked, which I love to do

    Oh and there was this guy who, for Tesla's birthday, strung up a big rocket from high on a tree, so kids could take rocket rides! He got help from his friend who is an arborist, i.e. a professional tree climber. Such a cool job.

    There was a trampoline, which was fun until a girl broke her arm on it and had to be evacuated to the nearest hospital some miles away. That was a bummer. I heard she recovered fully so no harm in the end, but it was scary at the time.

  3. Casini Ranch
  4. - w/ Deena, Will, Suri, Jim, Kelly & Arlo

  5. Casini Ranch
  6. - w/ Matt, Susi, Audrey and Liam

    Casini Ranch is our favorite spot for camping near Russian River, as of now at least. It's got the best "beach" that I've seen, which is still just a bunch of rocks. But it's big and you can rent kayaks right there, and the swimming is good.

    When we went with Matt and Susi, they brought their canoe. I'd never been in one, so I was stoked to try it out. It's harder to paddle a canoe than a kayak. It's harder to keep it straight anyway. Liam and I boated around checking out insects and talking fishing. Also, I learned on this trip that Matt plays chess. Good thing I packed my chess board and timer instead of that useless 'first aid kit.'

  7. Schoolhouse Canyon Campground (a.k.a. 'unsafety usa')
  8. - w/ Deena, Will and Suri

    Not recommended! There's one main road in and our campsite was situated directly next to it. So we had to continually monitor the kids to make sure they didn’t stray into traffic.

  9. Kayaking on Mission Creek
  10. Izzy freaked out and kinda lost it. It's supposed to be one kid and one parent per kayak, but she refused to get in with me or Aliza. Finally one of the kayak guy had to take kayak with Aliza and Izzy, so Aliza could hold Izzy the whole time. Asha on the other hand really loved it.

    This is a thing where you rent the Kayaks near the piers downtown, and then you take a little kayak ride along the SF 'coast', past the ballpark and under those drawbridges along Mission Creek. It was fun kayaking through the canal! Definitely want to do this again.

  11. Dave & Mayra's wedding - Cabrera, Dominican Republic
  12. - w/ Dave, Mayra and a cast of thousands

    Camping it wasn't, but summer it was. Much pool time

  13. Montara rental house
  14. - w/ Bubbe, Boychik, Tani and Fraidy

    I loved climbing the big tree in this house's front yard. And going for walks on the horse trails, and hearing the foghorn every 30 seconds. It's weird, you'd think the foghorn would be annoying but it's actually quite nice. (it's not loud; it's faintly audible, like a heartbeat)

    My iPhone got destroyed at the Pony Farm on this trip :(

  15. Deep Eddy pool - Austin, Texas
  16. - w/ Ajeet, Sarah & Amitha

    Ah the glory of a proper public pool! Quite large and packed. Only thing you can do when it's Austin muggy hot.
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