silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

Best Food 2012


2012 - Food, a set on Flickr.

1. Amma's Bhubhus roti (banana puri) - sublime
2. Kheema/kismuri chappatti taco (improvised from leftovers of my mom's home cooking)
3. Anna's Szechuan eggplant & garlic shrimp w/ broccoli
4. Tin roof sundae @ Humphrey Slocum
5. Chicken Tikka Masala pizza, Margaroni pizza SF Pizzeria (R.I.P.  So devastated that they closed.)
6. Satsumas from Fraidy's citrus box
7. Chilaquile AND huevos rancheros @ Angi's (amazed she made both)
8. Various high-end bourbons @ Mattch's wedding
9. Cinnamon crunch toast dessert @ Mission Bowling club
10. Chicken tikka masala burrito Curry Up - best food truck in the city
11. Arepas/pork shoulder - Angi again (New Year's Eve party)

Worst Food 2012
-that durian Aliza got for Rosh Hashanah. ugh the smell.. the texture... nuke it from space just to be safe

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