silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

It's not Monday it's Sunday!

Woke up thinking it was Monday. What a foul mood. I was running around in a panic throwing on my clothes, waking up Izzy, making coffee, trying to get my shit together. When Aliza finally pointed out it was Sunday it completely took me by surprise.

Am I brain damaged? I've never mixed up Sunday and Monday before.

Too much work dread perhaps. On the brain.

Now I'm all Up. Maybe work on Probabilistic Graphic Models homework. That class got so hard so fast. It's basically a real college class, in that the problem sets are head scratching and I just muddle along best I can. Independencies of G satisfy independencies in P <-> P factorizes over G.... it all just seems like tautologies to me

Tried watching The Muppets (new movie) last night. Gave up in disgust. I was trying to hide my usual stream of talking back to the screen criticism cos we were watching with Izzy (her first movie ever!) But even Izzy got bored.

Nicole N is good at coloring. The one time she came over and colored with Izzy her page looked like a color illustration from a book. Hella in the lines. Me and Izzy just color over everything

Rather than any of the movies we have on Netflix I would rather watch Flight of the Conchords season 1 again... or Ali G (british or hbo)... I remember me and Shawn and Angi and Kristen felt so ahead of the curve cos we got up on Ali G when living in London, before he blew up

I don't have the impulse to write in here anymore. I try to make myself but it was never about making myself. Truthfully parenting two kids has sapped all my energy/desire in that regard. It's hard to convince myself any of this is worth saying. I do have things worth sharing but it would take too much work to share. Time is too short to justify spending it on that kind of work.

I had a pretty good run though. 12 years! Not counting my zine in high school (92-95) which was basically a blog, before the internet was a thing.

Will let you know if anything funny and not just 'I have a kid you had to be there' funny happens. That's the thing, parenthood is all consuming but I never had any interest in doing a 'daddy blog' or 'mommy blog' or whatnot. Cos who cares. Nobody cares about your kids except grandparents and such. Telling me about your kid is mostly like telling me about that crazy dream you had. Unless I'm sleeping w/ you I'm not interested

Nick and Katie wanna go to the Lightning Field! I think it might actually happen

I need to fix our closet door. That's the goal for today. Also order some tings
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