silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

Things To Do With Yr Kid

  1. Paper airplanes
  2. Sing crappy songs
  3. Run around flapping your arms
  4. Go for a bike ride
  5. Do pushups while she sits on you
  6. Pretend to eat things
  7. Pony Farm
  8. Angry Birds
  9. Watch YouTube videos
  10. Stack blocks that she will then destroy
  11. Bath toys
  12. Slides (I am now a connoisseur)
  13. Read (kids books is a whole other topic)
  14. Zeum carousel
  15. Creativity museum (a million Legos, Karaoke, foam blocks, video slide)
  16. Discovery museum (marimba, fake river, marble-roll, tunnels, chutes and ladders)
  17. Go swimming
  18. Tilden Park Little Farm
  19. Fake picnic
  20. Jump
  21. Swing her up towards the sky
  22. Menace passers-by with stuffed shark
  23. Scream as loud as possible
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