silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

livebloggin pt 7: day's end

dinner: izz refused to eat kale. i tried regular psychology, reverse psychology and double reverse psychology, but none of these worked. i ended up eating her kale and mine, while pretending it was a forbidden pleasure that she wasn't allowed to eat (like coffee). she is no fool

post-dinner: played the have a kid lottery, if you get my drift. (if you don't get my drift, you are an imbecile)

walgreens to pick up 18 baby products plus oil of olay foaming face wash for the missus. good thing i asked the lady working there: "is body wash the same thing as face wash?" no it is not. i guess i've been doing it wrong

the choices that remain on this lovely vacation day are as follows

1. WHICH BEER? - trappist rochefort 8 or 10

2. WHICH MOVIE? netflixes at home at the moment:
  • Fish Tank - heard this described as a british version of "precious," set in UK council estates (projects). lots of swears innit

  • Manufactured Landscapes - burtynsky doc recommended by dav. burtynsky is the photographer who does those massive photos... oh words fail. would nabokov have bothered, had he google image search?

  • Louis C.K. - Hilarious - newest comedy film from louis c.k. the guy who got famous for his hilarious rant on how "everything's amazing and nobody's happy':


once in a blue moon, i have a lucid dream where i'm at an awesome party. or else the streets are turned to ice and i'm sledding through city with old friends and imaginary ones. i think the odds are improved by eating pizza right before bed.

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  • COVID-19

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