silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

YACHT - Refi - Job - Pesach

YACHT last night at Bimbo's... really fun, nice mix of friends & it wasn't too crowded. I really like YACHT. Highly recommend checking them out

Finally signed off on our refi... only took 3 months, 8000 pounds of documentation and 6 stool samples... 4.75% (down from 5.85%)

Started new gig at Goog... SF office so now I bike to work... it's pretty sweet. OTOH I'm doing Java now , which is such a tremendous step down from Python... you forget how nice Python is till you have to go back to more primitive times. Still at least it's something new. Swim or die

Leaving for Pesach in NYC tomorrow. Taking a week off, really looking forward to it. Haven't taken a vacation in forever & last few months have been full of stress

Reading this book on West Point my brother gave me... Absolutely American -- it's a page turner.

Do I wish I had that sense of purpose? Or could do 53 sit ups in two minutes?

I lack sense of purpose and it sucks

I have good friends though.

Sorry I'm operating on negative ninety nine nours of no sleep

Better turn this off and go to bed before I start to sob

oh two pedo jokes

1.Q: What's the #1 cause of child molestation in America? A: Sexy, sexy children

2. This child molester and a kid walk into forest at night.. She says "I'm scared mister!" He says "you're scared? I'm the one who has to walk out of here alone!"

AJ came, that was nice
Nick, Katie
Can't keep track of things
I am not operating at my full poential
Is it enough to be a good dad?
i dunno

i sleep, you ignore this
i go back to west point drama
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