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A frank & harrowing account of last night's dinner party

Last night in SF was like every night in Miami: blissfully warm, t-shirt weather. We only get 4-5 of these nights each year, so when they happen the whole city goes out. It feels like New York.

Parenthood put a damper on me & Liska's old warm night S.O.P., which was to hop on our bikes and ride over to the Mission, shouting "where the party at?" to any passersby. Now that we have a baby, at least one of has to stay at home, or at least in baby monitor range, or else we have to arrange a babysitter weeks in advance, which puts a damper on the whole 'spontaneous joy' aspect of it.

Luckily though, last night we'd coincidentally made plans w/ Angi & Nathan. Angi is competing in this food blog contest and had posted to Facebook about the last thing she made-- Doro Wat, aka spicy Ethiopian chicken stew. I commented 'when do I get to eat it?', just as a rhetorical statement. But she had leftover ingredients in her fridge, so she offered to come over and make it for us! (cue Twix commerical where that guy with a super deep voice goes, "OHHHH... YEAH")


Sven, Nicole and Alice joined us as well. Due to the unnaturally pleasant evening weather, we ended up having an impromptu outdoor dinner party. It was really fun. We never use our patio furniture for anything other than baby-junk-storage and smoking, so it felt good to actually use the table & chairs for a meal. This is what we imagined we'd be doing all the time when we bought it, but the best laid plans of mice and men yadda yadda

Note to self: Angi borrowed "In the Chinese City."

I like lending/borrowing books but I have a terrible memory for who has what. I'm pretty sure somebody out there still has my copy of Ramanujan biography, The Man Who Knew Infinity. Give it back you!

I tried to pit Angi against Alice in an epic rivalry of sister against sister but they were having none of it

We talked about whether or not only children who get married are more likely to want just one child... if people just want a family like the one they had (unless theirs was horrible in case they want the exact opposite)

For some reason at dinner parties I often end up in the position of being the sole advocate for Diet Coke. It's not exactly the hill I'd choose to make my last stand on, nawitmean? But everybody assumes Diet Coke is terrible for you, gives you cancer, rots your innards, etc. and there is NO peer reviewed study that shows this! Where is the evidence people? I'm not saying Diet Coke is good for you (and clearly I'm addicted to it, thus my arguments must be viewed w/ the suspicion accorded to any junkie trying to defend his habit) but it bugs me that people assume "natural = good", "chemical/artificial = bad." Anyway I always end up backing down, because

a) nobody else agrees with me
b) Liska made me promise to not end every dinner party by ranting

What else, well we talked about a lot of stuff. Sven's parents have a 'composting toilet.' Nicole wants to pluck yeast from the air and make bread from it. Nathan ferments stuff every day on the job. Yeast is a miracle. I guess you don't need an account of every single topic discussed. I'm just enjoying the afterglow is all. Drinking theobroma/tej/trumer pilsner/mcchoufe w/ friends on yr deck on a room temperature night, highly recommend

If every night in SF were warm like last night, our whole lives would be different! Our lifestyles would resemble 'Baywatch' or possibly 'Baywatch Nights'

I would put up pix taken from Liska's camera but rest assured they will remain trapped within that digital edifice till the year 3000

Shawn suggested I take up politics as a long term project (run for office). First I have to at least get myself to stop hanging up on the people calling me telling me to vote for Joe Joe-son District 9 Supervisor. What the hell does a district supervisor do? Don't we have like 10 of them in just my neighborhood? I vote we stop voting and appoint some lifetime technocrats instead.


BTW, John Roberts, fuck you. From the bottom of my heart, fuck you. The damage you've done to this country will take decades to undo.

There's a project, 'John Roberts, fuck you' t-shirts that list all the major decisions he's ever made. columns 'little guy' , 'power' and check the column corresponding to who he ruled for. (HINT: only one column is going to have checkmarks, you might as well skip the other)

I guess I should get to steppin'. Just trying to get in the habit of stretching.

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