silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

Passage available on iPhone!

If you have an iPhone, buy it.

For 99 cents you'll get one of the purest examples of games as art.

It's brain-dead to play, takes maybe 3 minutes tops.

The experience stays with you, emotionally and intellectually.

Anyone who's ever been in a long-term relationship can relate.

If you prefer to play it on Mac/PC/Unix, you can download it for free from Their 2008 "Best & Brightest" issue featured a long interview with the Jason Rohrer, the game's creator.

Q: To what extent does the game's emotional impact derive from the music vs. the actual passage? is the game 'cheating' by using music as a shortcut to your heart? like how movies telegraph emotion through strategically placed orchestral bombast...
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