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Hired hands, lend me your ear: some suits need to eat lead. Avoid the long arm of the law.*

Rented Synecdoche w/ Nick/Az. Discussed it quite a bit afterwards. i think all kaufman's scripts tend to fall apart (adaptation as well) and he writes things weird and meta- because he can't finish a coherent story. so he really needs a good director to compensate (he directed synecdoche himself). also, why so miserabilist? we did have about 45 mins of giggles from repeatedly making the dictionary guy pronounce syn·ec·do·che and its myriad variants. *examples of synecdoche and/or metonymy. i get them confused. according to wikipedia, synecdoche is a kind of metonymy, and metonymy is a type of fresh-water fish

Went to Star Trek w/ Sven/Nicole/Az. Crowd-pleasing, no doubt. good idea to get rid of all those old fogies and replace them with actors of interest to people under 40. (I liked Simon Pegg and Harold from Harold & Kumar esp.) The time travel crap made no sense whatsoever, but at least Uhura was toxic foxy in her impractical miniskirt. I still find Winona Ryder alluring, as well, although you have to hide the good silverware when she comes by. Oh before the movie we ate at the fancy Dosa across from AMC Kabuki. damn good. Kabuki is now Sundance and they let you drink beer while you watch the movie (a basic requirement of civilization if you ask me.)

We had Mike/Megan/Deena/Will/Jonathan/Laura over for dinner-- 8 people! Very grown-up. This was enabled by our recently purchased crate n' barrel dining room table, which has quickly become the most used piece of furniture in our house. (esp. now that my office is a babby room). Menu was spaghetti carbonara, cucumber gazpacho, meatballs, salad and many bottles of good wine. I love s. carbonara but feel like it's cheating since the ingredients are all 'cream, egg, cheese, bacon'. Of course it's gonna be good. But, if you eat it with salad it all cancels out. I think I heard "Dr. Phil" say that.
(this pic isn't from aforementioned dinner party, but that is the table in question. yassi made this incredible persian rice with ground beef dish, lubia polo-- it's gonna be in the 2009 top ten for sure)
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