silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

R.I.P. Rabbi Alan Lew

Rabbi Lew passed away on Monday. He married me & Liska two years ago. He was a remarkable man, really the essence of what you expect in a rabbi-- wise, kind, knowledgeable, funny. He had an affinity for Zen Buddhism, and a deep awareness of connections between Zen and Jewish practice.

At our wedding he gave a brief speech talking about me & Liska-- how we met at Burning Man, the things we shared, the things we believed, the direction we were going. I didn't want to write my own vows, because to me, the act itself (the public wedding ritual) was the statement. Rabbi Lew took care of putting things into words, and he did so beautifully. The speech he gave is still remembered by many who were there.

He will be missed.

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