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Year in Review, Pt 4: Art


Olafur Eliason: Take Your Time

Peter Schesjdasajdajal dissed this show in the New Yorker, claiming it was mere "interior decoration". Fuck the New Yorker. This was my favorite art show in 2008. Especially liked: the circular rainbow room that slowly changed color, the sharded purple crystal walkway, the moss covered wall, and the stairway to a hole you poked your head through. Eliason has a sense of humor. Props to SFMOMA for curating this.

The Art of Participation

Not really the greatest thing ever, but hard to fault any modern art show where you get to screw around with stuff. (We did get in trouble for opening Tom Marioni's fridge to see if there was any beer left. Come on, leave a fridge in the middle of this exhibit, what do you expect? There was no beer.)

Olivo Barbieri: site specific_LAS VEGAS 05

Images of the Las Vegas Strip, taken from a helicopter using tilt shift photography, panning by in slow motion to the sound of rumbling explosions. (Soon to be a movie by Jerry Bruckheimer...)

De Young

It's less crowded now. I love the aerial SF map on top. Permanent collection still has weird 'contents of rich person's house' feel to it... like if some 87 year old heiress died and they cleaned out her parlor room and stored all the vases & furniture...

Gilbert & George
Taking the piss? Lots o' dicks

James Turrell: "3 Gems"
A stone room illuminated by the sun. (waves hands vaguely)
Describing art is hard.

Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes

Loved the pin river, less so topographical stuff. You can't see in the photograph but that asymmetrical mound is made up of thousands of identical wood squares. Also, for the record, I don't get Gerard Richter at all.

Hara Museum, Tokyo

Nobuo Sekine - "Phase in the sky"

Yoshitomo Nara - "My drawing room"

Recreation of Nara's drawing room. Totally seductive. Note to self: decorate


  • Richard Serra - Ballast
    Two reddish-brown plates of steel (50 feet high, 15 feet wide) jutting out of the ground @ UCSF Misson Bay. Very tall, very thin. Visually arresting. I always jog around these.

  • Cardburg @ Cellspace

  • Dust City Diner
    We spent half an hour watching, and I still couldn't decide if they were really serving food or if everyone was just pretending to eat!
and, drumroll please...

Worst Art 2008

That stupid potatoes thing at DUMBO: Art Under The Bridge

Sheesh, try a little!

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