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silverback gorilla

Year in Review, Pt. 3: Consumption

Best purchases

  1. Rug for the fireplace
    Rugs are Hexpensive. This was the most expensive thing we bought this year, I think. And it's white! People always laugh at me & Liska's tendency to buy white furniture, given that we are the messiest people alive. Some call it 'hubris,' I call it 'appreciating off-white shit'

  2. Stuffed yellow cat-man
    It was not easy stuffing this into my suitcase! I had to get a bellhop to stand on top while I latched it shut. But if you don't come home from a trip with a stuffed yellow man, you might as well not come home at all.

  3. Fake fruit
    In Tokyo there's a whole neighborhood devoted to shops selling fake food! I didn't go there, but I did get fake fruit & a fake loaf of bread at Tokyo Hands. I was motivated by the image of somebody really hungry coming into our kitchen, seeing a delicious baguette, and biting into it, only to realize it was fake. haha u got punk'd! I am a vile specimen

  4. Until Dawn curtain
    Came across this designer Tord Boontje in a museum shop. I really like his style. This curtain is made out of Tyvek and can be cut to desired height/width.

  5. Green hoodie with defective pockets
    You can never have enough hoodies in SF

  6. Comfortable cloth shoes
    They are handmade and quite ugly, but for every pair you buy, the maker donates a pair to charity. (The recipients must be like "thanks... but no thanks...")

  7. Wireless memory card for camera
    I fucking hate the rat's nest of wires beneath my PC. It feels like we're living in the Stone Age. The future won't be here till everything's wireless.

Worst purchases

  1. Shedding sidewalk rug
    that thing is the devil

  2. Brown pants with defective pockets
    I'd never encountered this before-- you had to cut the pocket slits yourself! I attempted this while drunk and managed to slice clean through, rendering the pockets mere holes. There is something very comical about putting something in your pocket and having it immediately come out your pants leg.

  3. DVD burner

Hi end phones

2008 was the year that my phone situation got way too complicated. Because I was constantly trying out different phones for work, nobody ever knew which I was using. In a way I kind of liked not being reachable, but it's pretty annoying to anybody trying to make plans w/ you. Also everybody stopped calling me, so at times I was seized by the idea that I had no friends left. *cricket* From best to worst:

  1. iPhone - best design, crap camera. they patented multi-touch zoom, the bastards. app store is slick. (haha remember that featureless $1000 app, I'm Rich that just showed a glowing jewel? Pure genius!)

  2. Android - Google's entry into the phone marketplace was surprisingly good. I used it as my primary phone for a good chunk of 08 and liked it alright. The keyboard is a godsend-- so hard to go back to no-keyboard after that. I liked that it has a keyboard, trackball and a touchscreen. Browser's really fast & standards compliant. Biggest drawback is the shameful battery life. You're lucky if you can make it through the day without it dying. The camera sucks as well but a lot of the little nit-picky things will get fixed through software. (Yay for pushing firmware updates too. If you have to plug into a damn computer, you never bother. Listening Nokia?)

  3. N95 - crap browser. Best phone for actually talking on the phone, but who uses phones for that anymore?

  4. RAZR - nice big flip top. That's about all I remember
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