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Year in Review, Pt. 2: Music

Best Music
that I personally heard

(disclaimer: some of these might have come earlier than 2008...)
  1. Resident Advisor podcasts
    So many great DJ sets... how do they do it?

  2. Santogold
    L. E. S. Artists was unstoppable (though Unstoppable was quite unstoppable as well)

  3. Lil Wayne - The Carter 3
    What was up with the weird vocoder thing this year? Damn that made me feel old. It sounds so horrible. But anyway the parts of The Carter 3 that didn't go all vocoder-y still add up to the best hip hop album of 2008. A Milli was ubiquitous, spawning a thousand remixes, yet nobody managed to upstage Lil Wayne.
    Best tracks: A Milli, La La

  4. Lykke Li - Little Bit (video)
    Except for that part where she goes, "For you I keep my legs apart." Ew.

  5. Wiley - Wearing My Rolex
    I agree with the YouTube commenter who said the foxes in the video aren't foxy enough. Well, the actual comment was more like "Y NO BREASTS?! fadssdfa"

  6. Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin
    C64 Orchestra

    Reasons why getting old ain't so bad, #43: the electronic music of your youth starts reappearing in orchestral form. These were beautiful interpretations of the classics.
    Download: Monty on the run orchestral version / original
    Download: Cliffs, Jynweythek Ylow

  7. Q-Tip - The Renaissance
    No doubt this album was filed under "Adult Contemporary" in record stores nationwide. Or else, "Geezer Rap." But you know what? It's satisfying to hear a grown ass man on the mic. I'm tired of misogynistic 21-year old wanna be gangstas. Sometimes 'Adult' is a good thing. This is Q-Tip's return to form.
    Best tracks: Won't Trade, You

  8. Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix)
    This was the summer jam! [download]

  9. DJ /rupture - Uproot
    Finally came round to dubstep with this mix. 'Ambient dubstep,' even. Reef (video)

  10. Peter Fox - Alles Neu

Best cooking music

Whitest Boy Alive - Dreams
Download: Above You

Best hipster BMX rap from an otherwise forgettable album

Cool Kids - Black Mags

Best minute off a Diplo mix

Paper Route Gangstaz - Grind Baby

Best argument for the word "folktronica" (also runner up for best cooking music)

Tunng - Comments of the Inner Chorus
Really a beautiful album. Shades of the beta band. It seemed to just appear on my computer somehow. I don't remember downloading it or even reading about it. If this is the fault of some 'folktronica' computer virus, I'm not complaining.
Download: Red and Green

Concerts / DJ sets

  • Treasure Island Festival
    TV on the Radio, Amon Tobin, Hot Chip, Goldfrapp, CSS
    Best moment: riding the ferris wheel at sunset while Goldfrapp sang 'Happiness.' This misled me into thinking 'Happiness' was a much better song than it actually is.
    Worst moment: eating one of EVERYTHING, and two of 'churros'
  • Gogol Bordello @ gg park
    Satisfyingly, they look exactly like they sound.
  • gui boratto @ fat city
  • budos band @ BAM
  • daniel bell @ recombinant labs
    he played for 8 hours, standing up, with no piss break!

Techno mixes (these were all good)

Fabric 41 - Luciano
Cocorico 3 (Ivan Smagghe)

Techno artists I rate

Onur Ozer, Pantha du Prince, Ivan Smagghe, Random Factor

Best song title

Taraf de Haïdouks - Absinth I Drink you, Absinth I Eat you

Misc notes

iTunes finally stopped w/ the bullshit DRM. About time. I had to use bittorrent to download some of these albums even though I'd already fucking bought them on iTunes, just so I could share tracks with you! God forbid somebody actually hear new music.

Worst Music I Was Supposed To Like

Bon Iver?

[Download all] (warning: 80M file)

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  • COVID-19

  • COVID-19

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