silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

Other things I would like to see

1. Instant run-off voting for all major elections

2. A CA proposition to end all god-damned propositions... they may have started out as a Progressive Movement innovation, but at this point they always seem to be expensive fraudulently named out of state financed wastes of time.

The entire California system of government seems completely nuts to me. I'd like them to take a few years off and just focus on fixing it.

The San Francisco ballot has propositions A-V!!! 22 propositions? What the fuck are we paying our elected officials for? It's like they're asking us to do their job. Should prostitution be legalized? Should we change the election schedule? How should I know? Should we rename a sewage treatment plant after GW Bush? (Ok that one's funny. The arguments for and against were written by people on the same side, and the argument against is that it's an insult to the sewage treatment plant.)

3. Abolishment of the electoral college

4. Abolishment of gerrymandering-- districts should be drawn by non-partisan committees

5. Pigs soaring majestically through the sky
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