silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

Ten nerdiest books on my bookshelf

Oh wow... so hard to narrow it down to just ten.

  1. TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1

    TCP/IP is pretty nerdy. Look at the festive splash of color on the cover!
    And a rainbow!

  2. e: The Story of a Number

    Math is pretty nerdy.

  3. You Are a Shark

    I went through severe Choose-Your-Own-Adventure nostalgia a while back.

  4. Create Your Own Erotic Fantasy: The Classics Professor

    Contains explicit situations and adult language. In terms of sheer eroticism, though, I'd give the edge to You Are A Shark.

  5. Fiend Folio

    Can't be a nerd without D&D. The Fiend Folio is a TOME OF CREATURES MALEVOLENT AND BENIGN.
    Is the dude on the cover malevolent, or benign?

  6. I Am 8-Bit
    Video games are pretty nerdy.

  7. Twisty Little Passages

    This is an academic treatise on "interactive fiction," AKA text adventure games, AKA Zork.

  8. Simpsons Comics Wingding
    Which is nerdier: collecting Simpsons episode guides, or Simpsons comics?

  9. Apartment Therapy

    This isn't mine, it's Aliza's. I just put it here to illustrate that girls can be just as nerdy as boys.

  10. The Cartoon Guide to Genetics

    Which is nerdier: a normal comic book or a comic book about SCIENCE?

  11. Algebraic Number Theory and Fermat's Last Theorem

    I have read this book many times and have mastered the first 2 pages

  12. The Wu-Tang Manual

    Wait, this isn't nerdy. It's awesome.

  13. The Official Scrabble Players Handbook

    Discusses the concept of your "leave"

  14. Anything with the word mobile or wireless in it

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