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Painstation by Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff

The Painstation

The painstation is an arcade cabinet. The opponents stand facing each other. The duel is based on pong, the well known game of console tennis from the early days. The instructions are easily explained:

The player’s right hand uses a knob to control his pad. The left hand has to remain on the PEU (Pain-Execution-Unit), so it creates an electric circuit. The game can start. Moving the paddle vertically the ball must be subtly returned into the opponent’s direction. If a player misses the ball, it’s not only annoying but also painful. This slip causes massive anguish. How massive depends on which PIS (Pain-Inflictor-Symbol) the lost ball hits: heat, lashes or electric shocks all of different duration and combination torment the left hand (the new name of "pang” comes to the authors’ minds). In case one of the competitors lifts his hand off the PEU –either out of painoverload or he blacks out- he loses the duel.

Note-- I played this when it was at Yerba Buena. It was really painful! The worst was "lash"-- when you got that, a metal flange whipped the back of your hand so hard that it left welts.
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