silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

Last night I tried to cure an austistic hippopotomus.

Its mouth
zipped shut, it plugged a phone card into a Gameboy cartridge slot and
sat transfixed. Bleeps and bloops emenated from the Gameboy. I
injected the hippo with drugs and it had terrifying visions of the
walls becoming pixelated video game scenery, 8bit ufos flying through
the air. I stopped with the drugs. I gave up unable to cure the
hippo. (asylum game)

Then I was defending towers from drug runners riding animals, moving
fast (tower defense)

Then I played a game you can't win (stress game)

Tower defense was the most traditionally fun. The point of this game
is to lose yourself in the flow of parts put together blowing shit up.
Demolition derby, satisfaction of watching components operate.
Excitement, thrills, progress. A 'fun game'

The asylum game was fun but in a different way. It made you think
about psychiatry, disorders of the mind. You envisioned being
austistic and thought about mind expanding drugs. It created
emotions-- sadness that you couldn't save the hippo, terror at its
visions, joy at how cute it was. It was characters, like in a movie
or a novel.

The last one was most conceptual. It was a game where no matter what
choice you made, you ended up too stressed out. Sort of depressing as
a view of life , but one that we all sometimes have. It wasn't
something you kept playing; it illustrated a point. But just because
it wasn't something you keep playing didn't mean it was bad. You can
like a movie a lot and not want to keep seeing it.

All 3 were games in that they required interaction
Maverick games, individuals made them , home brew
Expressions of quirky personality

I am interested in games that aspire to be more than fun. Perhaps
because I work at a videogame company as a cog in the machine,
producing soulless entertainments, and I
wish I were an artist.

But also I truely like games; so I am also interested in game art (not
just art games). They are a language of my youth and part of my dna.
They signify with the power of dream symbols. Mario is so much more
than Mario.

(the other mario d. knows this. hackers know this)

Art is driven by the need to communicate but also the joy of creation
Hacking is a modern form of creation and so it follows that today some
are driven to hack
Art is a prism of reality and games are part of that now
Also, they provide a simulation space like nothing else
A world view can be expressed vividly as never before
Participation is a given

Can't explain why pixelation or chip tunes strike a cord any more than
to say: nostalgia
supercolombine rpg - write about the scandal?
it's art because it advances the form
when it becomes pure rpg it might trivialize horrible day
but it also asks, what if it were true?
what if games did influence kids to that extent, what if the killers
did see things as they were? somebody suggests the game is a 'what if
it went like they'd imagined'
what would it mean to be respectful to the victims? they're dead
to their families -- but art is not constrained by what anybody's family wants
it made me think about colombine 100x more than i ever had
is that bad?
how can it be considered cheap exploitation when the artist so clearly
states his intent?
as if he's gonna make a bundle off it
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