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2006 miscellany, including Person of the Year


  • giant robot - very fond of these guys. they exemplify this hard working asian-american ethic, but they're totally passionate about what they do and they put out a mag that (unlike mass appeal and xlr8r ) manages to fund itself through ads without seeming like a mere vehicle for advertisements. and they have such good taste in art! it's a completely awesome art mag even apart from the asian pop culture angle.
  • new yorker - still has best editors in the world, they make everything good
  • iD - good for writing in - why? cos designers make stupid pronouncements that require response.
  • mass appeal - best hip hop mag that i know of, though their ads can be noxious. YES I AM AWARE THAT THE SCION EXISTS.
  • cabinet


  • Internet - really catching on. it helps you keep all your recipes organized
  • slsk - of which we do not speak
  • rebirth of techno [to me]
  • continuing death of [my interest in] rock
  • death of [my] attention span


  • The Corner (best book I read this year)
  • Perelli calendar
  • memoirs of a master jewel thief
  • democracy in america
  • motherless brooklyn
  • play money
  • the lobotomist
  • everest
  • into the wild (again)
  • the accidental masterpiece
  • tibor
  • consider the lobster
  • the intuitionist
  • on deck for 07:
    • juiced (jose canseco's roid-rama)
    • blue blood by edward conlon (nypd blue)
    • falcon & the snowman - (on which movie was based)
    • the google story
    • curious incident of the dog in the nighttime


  • white ninja - i would say 3 out of 5 people i show white ninja to don't think it's funny. but somehow the guys who draw this strip have exactly the same sense of humor as me. it's uncanny. i love their half-assed drawing style (frequently they have to label things so you know what they are). it's funny how many emotions they can give white ninja while still managing to draw him so crappily. consistently the best comic strip out there.

  • american born chinese - az. and i both devoured in one slurp. i like comics with clean lines and simple art... i don't want to parse through some crazy mess of drawings just to get to the story. anyway this story is very well told and definitely resonated with me as a 2nd gen asian immigrant. but even aside from identity stuff it's really funny and has excellent scenes of monkeys fighting gods in addition to high school drama.

  • onion jack -from best american comics. best american everything, i swear that brand is threatening to take over all of civilization. most of the comics in there were so so (and enough with sad sack harvey pekar's 'i'm a lump' shtick, and stop defending comics, it's 2006 and we all get what they can be by now) but i liked the one about the lesbian girl on the tortoise bus trip who ends up sheparding this other schizophrenic girl...

  • penny arcade - even though called us (EA) criminals on at least two non-consecutive occasions.


Damn, I hardly saw any movies this year. I just don't have the patience. The only one I can remember seeing in a theatre was "half nelson" at SF film fest. It was really good. great naturalistic acting and the lead guy is charismatic even though he's a crack smokin' english teacher. who among us hasn't been there? anyway, we netflix'd:
  • cannibal holocaust (unwatched)

  • last house on the left (unwatched)
    (i went through this phase where i was renting these notoriously gory/horrible movies... but i never wanted to watch them. why did i think i would? it's never a good time to pop in "cannibal holocaust")

  • the enigma of kasper hauser - really slow but interesting, based on a real life feral-child who appeared in germany in the 1800's (i think; it was definitely a period piece)

  • me you and everyone we know - quirky romance, good date movie (at least i thought so). i liked it because of all the different art projects you see as the movie unfolds-- almost like the movie's a gallery. i especially liked when she put the bird painting in the tree, and the dot matrix printout of little people.

  • The Wire season 3 - bit of a let down? not sure. mainlined it for sure but it left me vaguely unsatisfied. marlo remains too much of an enigma , and i miss you-know-who, rip ( don't wanna spoil it for those who don't know). . actually, you're all probably up to 4. we don't have cable so i only see these when they're out on dvd. anyway it's still the best thing on tv, far as i can tell. (this is coming from someone who doesn't get tv channels, so trust but verify)

Web sites

  • fimoculous - best of everything! list nirvana!

  • metacritic - why read one review when you can see 50? everybody at EA takes metacritic ratings very seriously. i just like how it tickles the nerd part of your brain that wants to assign a numerical rating to everything.

  • youtube - cats carrying fish - perhaps the most captivating video of 2006, though ironically it's no longer on youtube due to terms of service violation.

  • myspace - Supposing... I'm too old for myspace.

Major events

  • arnab alicia wedding
  • earthquakes: 3 (minor)
  • pluto not planet anymore
  • burning man
  • sea ranch
  • big bike ride (sf->pa)
  • elections - retook congress/senate
  • AJ/sarah here for summer
  • rafting trip
  • travel- nyc, las vegas, los angeles, india, new zealand
  • cosmo moved to berlin
  • turned 30


Recurring obsessions:

  • deep sea creatures
  • math:
    • contemporary abstract algebra - after studying textbook for a while, finally bailed out at direct products of groups. now i'll never understand the quote that started that chapter: "The universe is an enormous direct product of representations of symmetry groups."
    • poincare conjecture solved - and then perelmen turned down the fields medal! it's like rejecting a nobel prize

  • drug smuggling / transnational crime - loads of books
    • The Merger, Drug Lord, White Mischief, Cocaine: A Biography, Red Mafiya, Kings of Cocaine, A Shadow in the City, Down by the River.
    • also watched that dutch miniseries Traffik, turns melodramatic in the end but quite good in the beginning. The "drug war" is an abuse of language that would have orwell spitting in his coffee. I prefer to think of it as the "war on economics," or perhaps the "war on reality."


  • ate roasted pig
  • enjoyed duck for the first time
  • NOG
  • big hunk - my new favorite candy, even though it ripped out a crown
  • chicken and waffles
  • bi-rite pink lady apples
  • citizen coffee

Persons of the year:

  • Owner of the H Cafe-- he's incredibly perceptive, never forgets anything, picks up on the smallest details... and makes good coffee.
  • magnus - cos he's interesting and he sewed a bear suit in a bear suit

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