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Best of 2006 - Techno


1. Mylo - Radio 1 essential mix - really fun, pure party music. Mylo = Myles MacInnes, from Scotland. He was pursuing a philosophy PhD at UCLA, but then dropped out to do music instead. His specialty was the mind-body problem.
2. DJ T - Body Language 2 - lots of ace choices, including Theo Parrish "Falling Up" (Carl Craig remix) and my personal fave, Arquipelago by Gui Boratto.
3. Kiki - Boogy Bytes 1
4. Sascha Funke - Boogy Bytes 2
5. James Holden- At The Controls


Mathew Jonson - just about everything I've heard from this guy has blown me away. jazzy without sounding anything like jazz-- ethereal-- highly recommended.


1. Kontrol @ the Endup - SF's best techno night. Their move from hipster central Rx Gallery to traditionally lame Endup raised some eyebrows, but it meant twice as much dancefloor and a much better sound system. Visiting DJs like Alex Smoke tore it up for countless sweaty music nerds in cryptic t-shirts and hoodies, and the vibe was pure love. The best nights at Kontrol had the pleasantly unhinged quality of a rave circa 1993.

2. James Holden @ Anu

3. Orb / Dntel / John Tejada @ Disney Concert Hall, L.A. - the opening night of Disney Concert Hall's "Minimalist Jukebox" series was a pseudo-rave that started at midnight and ran till 6 A.M. It was the perfect excuse to check Frank Gehry's ultramodern showpiece. When we got there the Dntel guy was doing an ambient set. It was really a treat to wander around checking out the architecture while bird noises, wind chimes, blips and bloops came from seemingly every direction. Then Tejada and Orb came on, they started playing harder 4-to-the-floor stuff and before you knew it there was a real dance party going on! The sound was impeccable. More DJ sets at concert halls please.

4. Mylo @ BOCA - Blasthaus's "bar of contemporary art" closed late this year, after a pretty short run. Nobody was surprised by this because, like most Blasthaus spaces, BOCA sucked.. It was poorly decorated, poorly lit, poorly ventilated, and contained ONE (1) bathroom. Nevertheless, like all Blasthaus spaces, it always had good music. Mylo's set was bananas! People were dancing on every available surface, and even the unfortunates in the bathroom line had their hands in the air.

5. Lowbudget @ Rickshaw Stop - now that Diplo's an international playboy / Brazilo-phile, Lowbudget's the only one keeping the Hollertronix vibe alive. His set was nothing complicated, just good times.


Ricardo Villalobos, of course. Dude owns techno.
My favorite mix of his is Taka Taka from 2003. It really grows on you!
He's put out so many great tunes-- Frank Mueller Melodrama, Spritzpercussion, Easylee, Que Belle Epoque 06, even that super-long balkan band thing from this year.


Berlin was totally ascendant this year-- at times it seemed like every dope record in the world was coming from over there. Labels like Perlon, Get Physical and Bpitch ruled the scene, and XLR8R's "Berlin: Wasted youth" issue (no doubt financed by the Berlin Chamber of Commerce) had the desired effect of making readers everywhere contemplate all the parties they were missing like, right now.


Depeche Mode got mad props in 2006. And rightfully so. A bunch of their albums got rereleased, and DJs were falling over themselves to pay respect. e.g. Ricardo Villalobos:

"My interest in electronic music came from Depeche Mode, for sure. For me they were like the Beatles of the eighties, with electronic instruments. It was one of the bands responsible for making electronicmusic popular. In '81 and '82 they had lots of four-to-the-floor stuff, ten or eleven minute mixes of tracks, and they were the first to do it. Daniel Miller was doing techno in the early eighties too, and he, of course, signed Depeche Mode to his Mute label. You can mix those records with techno tracks. In the beginning people complained about Depeche Mode. They said, 'They don't play the music how it sounds on record.' But after a while people understood it, and Depeche Mode need to be credited with helping this music find popularity."


The best site for techno coverage in 2006 was, oddly enough, Pitchfork. Philip Sherburne really held it down. His year end wrap up is definitely worth checking out. One takeaway bullet point gleaned from his reporting: this year tracks got really, really long. Ricardo V's Fitzheur Zeheur is 35+ minutes! Damn good, too.


kid 606 - pretty girls make raves
squarepusher - hello everything

(both rave revival-ist?)


Matmos- when the rose has teeth in the horn of a bull, or whatever. Has anybody actually listened to this all the way through?

Best magazine I got for free cos Mondro gave me the rest of his subscription when he left for Taiwan

xlr8r. way too many ads but their berlin issue was good. They named "justice" their band of the year. who the hell is justice? Man I'm old.
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