silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

Woke up with left nostril blocked; allergies, or the last night's carousing?

The lack of air was uncomfortable, so I took some sinus pills at work; and now, once again, lightheaded, I am fighting the urge for pop tarts, which for some reason I always crave when sick, even though I know pop tarts are purest poison.

fig a: there are TWO pastries in a pop tarts package, and you eat them both.

As mentioned to elsquid, last night I had drinks with some interesting people:
  • a girl whose job involves research of situationism and "psychogeography"

  • a robotics researcher who worked on Cog and Kismet, and is going to work with Frank Gehry on this new casino in Singapore

    fig b: Kismet is a robot developed at MIT to study human/robot interactions. It has expressions corresponding to emotions/moods. This one is 'tired'

  • game programmer headed to India in July to look for outsourcing (i.e. to exploit my peoples)

  • girl who recently started having epileptic seizures after head injury - imagine how that would change your life! For one thing, you can't drive anymore.

  • neuroscientist who studies aggression & sexuality in mice (via smells)

    He said they've bred mice that , if male and male are dropped in a cage, inevitably fight, and if male and female are dropped in a cage, inevitably mate.

    Me: "Inevitably?"
    Him: "100% of the time"

fig c: guess what emotion this is
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