silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!

I recommend as follows (if you disagree please let me know, preferably before tomorrow)

no on the library bonds
yes on universal preschool via raising marginal tax rate on incomes 400k+

SF: (best analysis of this year's ballot that I could find is here)

yes on A (SF murder rate hit a 10 year high last year. I was searching for homicide rates compared across US cities last night, but it's hard to get good data for 2005. still, I think Mayor Newsom has failed to improve the situation in the poorest parts of SF and A will at least force money to get diverted to homicide prevention... on the other hand, it's unclear what exactly these new taskforces and committees & such will actually do)

yes on the disclosure of eviction of elderly landlords

no on that stupid transportation thing that you can't understand what the hell it's about. it's just a power grab, and exactly the kind of bullshit proposition that we shouldn't even be voting on in the first place.

no on kicking out 'dangerous' patients at laguna honda.

There's never any propositions about reforming CA's screwed up political system. You know it only takes 5% of the people who voted in the last election to get something on the ballot? Maybe we should raise the bar. Also, we need instant runoff voting.
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