silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

I guess #2 could be "WISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!" (said in that crap synthesized voice from Altered Beast)

Lately I've been getting compliments at the office. They think I'm doing a good job. I am doing a good job, but I feel like complimenting me is a devious tactic designed to make me feel guilty when I slack. I'm letting them down. The sad thing is, it's working. I left early today, but here I am on the computer, pondering why canceling a connection sequence works fine in Debug but crashes in Release. Devious! Oh well, at least I'm doing it from my backyard patio. I've become quite fond of this patio, in spite of its remarkable ability to avoid any sunlight even on really sunny days. Someday I'll live in a house where the sun shines everywhere.

Here is a list I've been working on for several years. It comes from the title of some movie I never saw. I can never get past #1.

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
1. Decompose

The latest New Yorker has a big story about those two New York cops who were secretly doing hits for the mafia. At that dinner party we went to last weekend, one guy there (the one who was an underground political rapper (well, a rapper anyway)) had a weird connection to those cops. When he was in high school, his girlfriend was one of the cop's daughters!! Can you imagine dating a Mafia-hitman's daughter? You'd have to join the witness protection program just to break up with her.

Tomorrow I'm making spicy yogurt potatoes and mint chicken. Toma's back from India (he claims it's much like Indiana) and the price of travel stories is a good chicken dinner.

Things That Give Me A Mild Thrill

1. Spelling yogurt "yoghurt"
2. Eating candy out of the bulk bins at Safeway

I bought We Love Katamari. I guess it's postmodern? That may be too high-falutin. It's self-referential, let's say that. I'm enjoying it, but you can't be a virgin again. For Bay to Breakers this year, a bunch of people will be rolling a big cardboard katamari with minature San Francisco landmarks stuck to it. Structural integrity is of course the chief concern.

Things I Will Do As Soon As I Finish This Last List
1. Chop vegetables
2. Ponder the differences between Debug and Release builds
3. Roll up everything in the world using a magically sticky virtual ball
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