silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

The joy of recycling

Back in the days when Angi and I lived together, she took an art history class, and sometimes she'd come home from the lectures and tell me about cool artists. One of them was a guy named Harrell Fletcher. His website features an interesting list of art ideas. They're basically notebook jottings that he hasn't gotten around to doing. Every once in a while I look at this list and think about using one of the ideas. Last week I finally did. The idea I took was: "Tear out all of the pages of a book or magazine that I don't like."

The book I chose to mutilate was "Wedding Vows," by Someone Or Other. It's one of the 10,000 cheesy wedding books Az & I somehow acquired after getting engaged. I ended up only leaving in two pages. The pages I left contain a poem by Frank O'Hara. I wrote a new title on the cover and gave it to Az.

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