silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

Oblique strategy notes

Draw a cartoon
- handwriting

Be less critical more often
- try this for a week -- criticize nothing (maybe next week)

Breathe more deeply
- whilst doing other things

Bridges -build -burn
- create a script whose command line options are poetry
- write a program that is poetry

Decorate, decorate
-- contemplate bedroom
-- take pix of wall and photoshop stuff in
-- install bootleg photoshop
-- ask around, see if a more recent photoshop can be acquired

Disconnect from desire
- oh, try this!

Distorting time
- hold your breath for as long as possible

Do nothing for as long as possible
Do something boring
- floss ?
- world record for flossing?
- write about flossing?
- is writing about flossing more boring than actually flossing?
- A 500 Word Essay on Flossing
- flossing has always struck me as one of the most boring activities known to man. oftentimes when on drugs i have tried flossing, to see if it becomes more interesting. but always my attention withers.

First work alone, then work in unusual pairs.
- collaborate - with Shawn - with who?
- east bay?

Animated gifs -
me in different outfits?
something changing

Idiot glee (?)
- blend something
- fry something unexpected
- take a shower with swim goggles on
It is simply a matter or work
List the qualities it has. List those you'd like.
- arresting
Listen in total darkness, or in a very large room, very quietly

Look at a very small object, look at its centre
Look at the order in which you do things

Mechanize something idiosyncratic
- write a script
- write a useless program
- write a text adventure

Once the search has begun, something will be found
Pay attention to distractions
Put in earplugs

Remove ambiguities and convert to specifics
Remove specifics and convert to ambiguities
Slow preparation, fast execution
Use an old idea
- a water sculpture using ordinary glasses?
What context would look right?
What else is this like?
- prison
- flossing
- trying to grab a slippery bar of soap
What mistakes did you make last time?
What most recently impressed you? How is it similar? What can you learn from it?
What were you really thinking about just now? Incorporate
When is it for? Who is it for?
Work at a different speed
Your mistake was a hidden intention
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