silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

It goes way beyond lighters

verboten, originally uploaded by jcruelty.

We analyzed this Bangalore airport sign for more than an hour, while waiting for our flight. It's funny because it reads like somebody's stream of consciousness, contemplating "things you can't bring onboard."

No chilly [sic] powder... no gun powder... actually, don't bring any type of powder...

Note that "portable power saws" is on there not once but twice, as if they were having a particular problem with people trying to carry those onboard. No portable power saws! Repeat: NO PORTABLE POWER SAWS!


Tonight was book club. In attendance were Mattorb, Jay, Brad, Hong, Az., Cosmo, David and me. We discussed Candy, one of my favorite drug books. (Naturally, I have a list.)

I would never do heroin, but I do find it interesting to read about. It's killed a lot of good artists.

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