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Gr33tz from Goa

This trip has mostly been a disaster thus far.

Bangalore was fun, but then we ill-advisedly took an early morning flight to Delhi, and then a 4 hour car ride to Agra. This was so I could show my boo the Taj Mahal. Of course when we finally got to Agra the sun was setting. We desperately hopped out of the cab into an auto-rickshaw, cursed the whole way there, and then when we finally paid the exorbitant fee and entered, it was too dark to see anything. This was on Thursday, and the Taj is closed on Friday. As we left dejectedly, we realized that in our haste to get there we hadn't noted where exactly our cab driver had parked. Oh also we hadn't eaten since 9AM. I was on the verge of crying as we trundled along on an autorickshaw in the darkness, trying to find our car. When we finally did (after a good 45 minutes more) I wanted to kiss the driver (but I didn't, because India is a conservative country, also he was a heavy smoker and it's like kissing an ashtray)

THEN the next day we drove back to Delhi, through epic, epic, epic traffic the likes of which I've never seen before in my life. We were driving on the main highway but in India your car shares the road with delivery trucks, tractors, camels pulling carts, people pushing handcarts, bicyclists, motorcyclists, goats, horses, cows, pedestrians, rickshaws and autorickshaws. Also the concept of "lanes" doesn't really exist. Also people honk not to complain, but simply to say "I exist." It took us SEVEN hours of nonstop driving to get back to Delhi, and this is in a car with no shocks and no airconditioning and the back windows wouldn't roll down.

THEN the next day we flew into Goa for New Year's eve, but I got really really sick and was too weak to even lift up my arms. So I laid in bed the whole day with fever & shivers and was unable to eat anything. THe fireworks at midnight woke me up but I was literally too weak to lift my head and look out the window. I laid there in the darkness listening to explosions thinking: this is not really working out according to plan.

I'd intended to propose to Az. at the Taj but that didn't work. Then I intended to do it on New Years eve but was too busy throwing up. So, finally today, January 1st, 2006, we were sitting on a beach in Goa, and I popped the question. We're engaged! At least the anniversary will be easy to remember.
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