silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

st paddy's day / purim

jcruelty: happy reinforcin' o' the stereotypes day!
jcruelty: blarney!!!
jcruelty: begorrah!!!
shawnsf00: blaargh
shawnsf00: i run with the guinness!
jcruelty: top o' the mornin to yer frosted lucky charms!!!
shawnsf00: arr, me soul be as black as a good ol pint from the tipperary
jcruelty: looks like those irish eyes are smilin'
shawnsf00: and the bonnie lasses be after a bit o the fancy
jcruelty: haha
jcruelty: today is also purim
jcruelty: this jewish holiday where you have to get shitfaced drunk (really)
shawnsf00: oh yeah
jcruelty: it's the first time in 19 years st. paddy's and purim have coincided
shawnsf00: sloshom
jcruelty: mazel tov!
jcruelty: (or whatever)
shawnsf00: boozel tov

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