May 13th, 2013


That's quite a good name for a store actually.

Izzy: Why is the corner grocery store called Good Life?
Amar: It's just an arbitrary name... they could've called it anything. Like "Blah" or "Veronica's Shop for People"

For some reason I woke up with this old song in my head:

Christmas - This Is Not a Test

Christmas was this weird cool band from back in the day... I stumbled across their LP Ultraprophets of the Psykick Revolution in the 25 cent remainder bin at the late great Benway Bop in Vegas in early 90's... vinyl of course, this is back in high school when I had a record player. I had endless time back then to listen to random 25 cent albums. Mostly they were crap but you'd find some real diamonds in the rough, Ultraprophets Yadda Yadda being one.

Christmas - "Richard Nixon"

I think the folks in Christmas went on to form the slightly more popular band Combustible Edison. But Christmas remains unknown as hell. They're so obscure you can't even find most of their songs on YouTube!! To me that's the definition of obscure.

It's too bad, Ultraprophets Blah Blah was actually a really good album. I should buy a CD off ebay and rip it. Except, my computer doesn't even have a CD drive anymore! Plus nobody except me cares.

Pro tip: if you're naming your band, don't name it "Christmas." Name it something memorable, like "Veronica's Shop for People"

Christmas - Stupid Kids