March 15th, 2013


If you're reading this through RSS, clap your hands

I mean, comment. On Metafilter a lot of people were moaning about the demise of Google Reader. Amidst all the sturm und drang they brought up some interesting points. For instance: Google Reader + RSS made it easy to keep up with blogs that update very sporadically (like on the order of months, even years.) This in turn gave people who wrote those blogs incentive to continue. In lieu of RSS, people just stop coming to your site if you don't update it constantly. This gives rise to the endless Buzzfeed Twitter Facebook status updates model at the expense of old-school content

On the other hand, I think this guy has it right too:

RSS is a niche technology people were excited about in 2006, back when people still cared about traditional narrative blogs. People who were really into blogs back in 2006 still use them, and everyone else is just kinda scratching their heads about why anybody gives a crap. The need for RSS has been subsumed by Facebook, Twitter, and a thousand million linkblogs that filter the web for you.
I want to write here occasionally but then how do I get people to read it? Put it on FB? But lots of people aren't on FB. Print it and send it in the mail? I've been tempted. haha i always mean to start a newsletter