January 22nd, 2013


Names of rental houses we've stayed in (this LJ is now autistic)

  1. Sobre Vista
  2. Lone Star Lodge
  3. unnamed Marquetta Healdsburg house w/ the amazing indoor/outdoor swing chair space
  4. Heron Hill
  5. that one Russian River house
  6. that other one by our swimming spot with the haunted attic
  7. Will's bday house with the saline pool
  8. luxury house in Costa Rica w/ infinity pool
  9. Zamora house w/ the hot tub built into the pool
  10. god my memory is gone to shit

Definitely at this point in my life, I want summer to just be a series of rental houses with friends... always by a body of water, or, failing that, a pool. A infinity saline pool. W/ hot tub built in.