December 21st, 2012


Christmas Letter

Dear Everybody,

We hope things are going as great for you as they are for us!!! Little Asha is already reading at a 4th grade level and Izzy keeps us so busy with her precocious violin abilities. Aliza is baking up a super batch of patented marshmallow brownies. Etc


Such and such

On the real though I always want to do holiday cards but don't. So I guess I don't want to, but I appreciate getting them from other people. This is the picture we gave Izzy's preschool when they asked for a family photo:

We should've put that on a card

Top things this year:

ah facebook basically did it for me.

1. Asha born
2. Obama won, elections went surprisingly well in general
3. Weddings - Matthew+Jean in Scotland, Jason+Yasi in Telum
4. Lightning field w/ Nick + Katie
5. Left Google
6. Started at Goodreads


1. Chess
2. Probably some other stuff but mostly chess. Like to the point where I'm biking past some hustler on Market and I had to stop and play a game.

You know the sad truth? I used to post resolutions at the beginning of each year and then publicly grade myself at the end of the year, but I stopped because I don't want to confront how bad the grades would be last couple of years

Music situation in 2012 is getting better
-sonos wireless speakers
-icloud lets you download old stuff
-most everyone's on spotify now cos they've accepted you have to be for promotion
(note there are major problems w/ artists getting paid or not paid through spotify's model, I'm just saying as a consumer I just want to pays my money and have access to everything and they're getting there)
-this was the first year it was easy to make a best of list on soundcloud. go soundcloud
-discovery is still a problem but it's not like I listen to all the 'to-listen-to' playlists I have on spotify even
-audiophile concerns no longer are a concern for most anybody

Still don't know how to fold a shirt properly or tie some good knots

Where is this boat going?

Got a full crew now


p.s. oh also

7. Wore a bear suit for Halloween! So A+ on that resolution at least