November 13th, 2012


Desperate communiqué

Everybody in my house is sick. Asha just threw up chunks all over Aliza. It was gross, you could see exactly what she had for dinner. I am struggling to type this over Izzy, who is attempting to button my shirt buttons that are already buttoned (so is she unbuttoning them? hopefully she doesn't have the gross motor skills yet).

I miss writing but man, time is a sieve. Did a whole year go by? Not yet it's just November. Thinking of highlights already, I should do a year end list cos it was an eventful year. I mean

- Asha born
- Obama! + senate + marijuana legalized in two states + gay marriage + ...
- Matthew's wedding in Scotland, see I even got to take a trip overseas by myself, life is good
- Left Google, joined Goodreads
- Lightning Field
- Lone Star Lodge - ah the lake in summer
- Jason's wedding in Mexico - in progress

But failures too

- Still don't know how to whistle or properly fold a shirt
- Still haven't been able to refi the house, losing money every day

Tons of good reads

AH i can't concentrate or type izzy is biting my knees (literally) and Asha is wailing

send help