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silverback gorilla

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Today's ohrwurms (plus awards for best names) [10 Sep 2012|08:47am]

1. Machinedrum - Where Did We Go Wrong

Falls into the category of "depressing songs where it's somehow enjoyable to feel depressed..." sounds odd but you know what I mean. Like the entire oeuvre of that sad sack Bon Iver. But this is better atmospherically

2. Machinedrum - Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real

Now ya know the deal / Now ya know the deal / Now ya know the deal / Now ya know the deal / 4 Real, 4 Real, 4 Real, 4 Reeeeeealll (repeat 5000x)

Machinedrum is such a great bedroom producer name. How did nobody think of it before now?


BEST TRACK NAME: Dance Til The Police Come

BEST ALBUM NAME: Piracy Funds Terrorism
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