September 7th, 2012


Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

Izzy and I spend some time coloring, most days. We just scribble aimlessly on paper. It's not not fun, but at the end you just have some random scribblings that go straight into the waste bin. (Or surreptitiously into the waste bin if they got pinned to the fridge by a well meaning but aesthetically senseless spouse)

Is there some way to direct our coloring towards producing something of lasting value? Could we color Rome? Or a cure for cancer? Why hasn't anybody come up with a coloring superhero? Like Aquaman except instead of talking to fish this hero (let's say it's a girl) uses magic crayons to fight crime and solve mysteries. I'm already bored with the premise so this paragraph is done now.

The new Frank Ocean's pretty good. I like this song anyway, especially the moment when he transitions from talking to singing.

super rich kids with nothing but loose ends / super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

Another Friendster memory-- or was it Myspace--? there was this section where it asked "Who do you want to meet?" Magnus's answer was: "A rich girl." Haha after that I changed my answer cos I realized I, too, wanted to meet a rich girl.

They are so thin and exotic... they all talk in weird boarding school accents and have places where they Summer... they casually have access to the best drugs...

the maids come around too much / the parents aren't around enough

Reminds me of an old favorite from Late Night with David Letterman...

Top 10 Canine Disorders or Debutante Complaints

  1. Distemper
  2. Rabies
  3. Broken heel
  4. Wilted corsage
  5. Mange
  6. Out of shrimp
  7. Heartworms
  8. Warm Tab
  9. Ticks
  10. Kennel cough / Daddy's Drunk (tie)