September 4th, 2012


Is Monday worse when it's Tuesday

Have I woken up yet? Is this all a dream?

If so it's the most boring dream ever, I mean I'm just sitting at my desk at work. Work harder brain

I bought a beer making kit that's been sitting at home cos I'm too lazy to open it and make beer.

One thing I've struggled with after having 2 kids is how little free time there is anymore. When I DO get an hour or two of free time, I'm paralyzed with indecision over what to do with it, so I end up doing nothing! Or napping

I said a while back that I need a long term project. I guess the kids ARE a long term project. The thing about long term projects is, you don't necessarily get immediate gratification. Like when they were building Rome, on any particular day how much got done? You just have to enjoy the process and have patience for long term results

I think a man does need long term projects aside from kids. Sometimes work fills that role. I haven't got to that point at Goodreads yet. Maybe cos I'm working mainly on ads/revenue, which wasn't exactly the dream when I joined.

I tried making a pop up book... it's harder than it looks.

There's one I have with a T-Rex that pops out. The whole book (dinosaur pop-ups, it's by some pop-up master whose name escapes me) is so gratuitous. It's basically pornography. The half-assed descriptions of dinosaurs diets and bone structure are just an excuse for elaborate pop ups of ferocious stegosauri and ravenous raptors. But I do love the T-Rex one, it's so good! With those little vestigal arms and sharp teeth

I worry sometimes that my kids aren't developing a healthy fear of dangerous animals. We have a stuffed shark, numerous fuzzy bears, snakes, wolves, I think a couple of tigers... all of which Izzy and Asha find amusing and cuddly. They laugh at the T-Rex, which is clearly trying to eat them.

What happens when they run into a shark or a bear in the wild and they try to hug it? You can't hug a shark!

Well, maybe a bear could.