August 6th, 2012


Shirts I wanna get + Twain Harte house

  1. 1. I (heart) WATER - seen on some guy at the lake. Me too!!
  2. SHIRT shirt - worn by Dude n Em in "Watch My Feet" vid. IMPOSSIBLE to google for

Today's ohrwurms posted to G+. Kvetching about Muni and longing for Twain Harte porch posted to Facebook. Livejournal what are you for anymore? I'd quit you if I could figure out what's better. I tried messing with Tumblr and Posterous and Blogger but none of them are quite right. -- I don't even remember setting this up, must have been in a fugue state. I do like the social media aggregation on right sidebar-- YouTube/Yelp/Flickr recent updates. Should just add Facebook/G+, done. But those are 'friends only' and this is public. Haven't figure out that distinction yet.

I think I've mostly scrubbed my youthful indiscretions from Google, at least as best I can, but real talk: I'm never gonna run for president. There's a LOT out there. I lived my life as an open book so long in the pre-Google era, by the time Google came around it didn't seem worth the trouble of cleaning up.

So now I self censor which makes things more boring; but half my friends on friends only Facebook aren't really friends, they're just people I know. So friends only just means a slightly smaller version of the public!

It's a mess

Izzy floated by herself for the first time this wknd very nice

Ajeet you would appreciate the house we were at. It had a lot of solid design choices-- open kitchen, nice front porch of just the right depth. You could see the backyard from the kitchen window to keep an eye on the kids. Hammock amidst super tall trees... so many trees everywhere. Swingset, hottub, state of the art appliances-- great coffee grinder, HE dishwasher, gleaming german dryer/washing machine. Lights everywhere! Any area of the house you wanted to light, you could light. Though one complaint, there were a million light switches and you could never figure out which ones controlled which lights. Spent a lot of time flailing about flipping random switches trying to turn something on or off.

Separate bathtub and shower. Four bathrooms-- such luxury! I'd settle for two. City living. It's nice to get out of SF in the summer just to remember what summer is like. When it's warm at night and you spend all day jumping into the water and time slows down and you throw stuff on the grill... oh yeah the grill was pretty good, it was SUPER simple to operate. And they had a firepit in the backyard which thank god Noel could build a fire. I was dreading having to try. Need to man up though and just do it

We swam in a private lake the last day (Liska had hookup). Property is theft and I'm opposed to this kind of thing in theory. It was a nice swimming hole though, def. enjoyed. Pinecrest Lake is better but you have to park an hour a way (you meaning the "man/woman of the house", the kids and partner get dropped off at the beach) and then hike back. But it's a nice hike and it smells like pine trees and BBQ and country living

I want a range life.... if I could settle down.... if I could settle down.... then I would settle down

Still always happy to come back to SF. Izzy I think is starting to like it to, perhaps love is contagious. For one of her bedtime books she requested This is San Francisco. We looked at illustrations of the bay bridge complete w/ freeway traffic... WE WERE THERE! THAT WAS US! Then sang "a little more blue than this" for a while then passed out

Life is good, at least for this moment... but don't worry I'll be grousing again in no time

After all life is a vale of tears