July 21st, 2012


I cry like a man b

14. Bye Baby - Another throwback to that cool ass 80s shit yo... The Guy sample really gives it that nostalgic flavor n at the same time it works for tellin his story....why he holdin part of Kelis's wedding dress on the cover of the album n whatever namsayin. Supposedly son found that part of the dress hangin in a closet at his crib after she left nahmean. The shit aint all bad memories to him tho...n he jus reflecin on the good shit mostly on this joint. But at the same time....its like he still holdin on to her memory n shit. Like its some bittersweet shit basically namsayin. Which is a beautiful thing b. But at the same time again he lettin her go. Ayo I cant even lie b...I connected wit that shit son. The god aint no emotional dude but this shit brought me back yo. Word. I could feel the tears son. They aint jus burst out my face like some corny niggas be doin tho. Im still a man b. The tears roll down the inside of my face namsayin. The tears come down under my cheeks. I cry like a man b. I dont cry like no little girl n be makin the fucked up breathin sounds n scrunchin up my face like I be pushin out a baby like some broad when I weep son. That aint how the god do it namsayin. Dont get that shit fucked up cuz I still smack a nigga n break his jaw in 18 places even when I be weepin son. The god dont jus be curled up on the kitchen floor clucthin blankets n shakin n cryin on some guhuuuhhh huhhhhh huuhhhhh wuhhhhaaaa wuhaaaa shit b....like some bitch namsayin. Lets jus get that straight my nigga. That bein said tho...this shit pulled on the gods heart strings a little nahmean. Fuck yall.