June 11th, 2012



Today is my last week at Google. On Monday I'm joining Goodreads!

Kind of sad to be leaving-- been at YouTube/Goog for the last 5 years, met a lot of amazing people and it's the best work environment I've ever experienced by far. Yet I'm happy/excited to be embarking on something new. As people on Facebook have no doubt noted, I'm a pretty heavy Goodreads user. Always been passionate about reading-- my mom's a librarian, so it's in my blood. Our house was always filled with books. I realized while dating Aliza that I could never have married someone who doesn't love books. One thing I noticed early on about Aliza is that she gets VERY into novels, to the point of obliviousness. It's quite endearing. If there's one thing I want to transmit to my kids it's the love for reading. Much else follows.

So anyway, I guess this counts as following my bliss. It's definitely a bit scary-- gonna be a huge change in terms of finances etc., which as a family man w/ two kids and a mortgage is not a trivial thing. But long term I think it will all work out. And if not, we can always sell the kids.

fig a: matthew chrisman got married on a scottish beach. less dire than it sounds