May 22nd, 2012


Amar's half-hearted voting guide - California/San Francisco July 2012 Election

I could barely muster the energy to fill out my vote by mail ballot this year. Basically voted straight democratic ticket. I contemplated leaving the senator spots blank. I'm not really endorsing Feinstein/Boxer so much as I'm repudiating the Republican Party and its ilk (Tea Party, birthers, climate change deniers, religious nuts, Fox New enthusiasts, etc. I feel like throwing up just writing that list.)

Had a really hard time finding info about the statewide props. Probably cos nobody cares. I voted no on both cos better to do nothing then to do something stupid. At the city level, I just followed SPUR's July 2012 voting guide. SPUR's voting guides are pretty reliable-- it's too bad they only focus on SF.


Senate: Dianne Feinstein (D)
Congress: Nancy Peolosi (D)

State (CA)
Senate: Mark Leno (D)
Assembly: Tom Ammiano (D) - yay I actually quite like Tom Ammiano. Nice to see him in there.
Proposition 28: reduce state legislator term limits from 14 to 12 years: NO
Proposition 29: tax cigarettes to fund cancer research: NO

City (SF)
Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC): Nobody - I completely don't understand or care about this. Spent 30 mins googling it (worst use of time ever) and still don't get it. Best coverage I could find is this: Everybody who's anybody at City Hall running for the DCCC.

Proposition A: nix Recology's exclusive waste mgmt contract w/ SF and open it up to competitive bidding: NO - My thinking changed on this-- read SPUR's analysis for details. It sounds good but it's not.

Proposition B: something or other involving Coit Tower: NO

Note to whoever the hell's coming up with these props: can we get a proposition to FIX MUNI? And to publicly execute whoever's in charge of the KT line? I would fund raise for that.