February 16th, 2012


Today's edition of "Note To Self Do Not Buy X You Think Buying X Will Make You Happy But It Won't"

Traditional Comics bundle ($21)

GANGSTA RAP POSSE looks so rad.

I'd add it to my Goodreads "to read" shelf, but it has no ISBN. (Chicken John's book didn't have one either. I asked him why and he said it cuts into his profit so why bother. You have to pay a fee, $300 or something in that range. I said "don't you want your book to be in the Library of Congress catalog?" He said libraries smell bad.)

I used to believe in guilty pleasures, then for a while I adopted the philosophical stance that there's no such thing. Then I came back around to believing in guilty pleasures. Rap music is a guilty pleasure for me. GANGSTA RAP POSSE, doubly so.

NIGHT BUSINESS looks captivating too, but then I wonder if I'm getting a bit too into the details of torture & gore. Too much reading about the Mexican drug war.

It's crazy, snuff films used to be urban legends, but now they really exist.