December 31st, 2011


Things I Didn't Understand (2011)

Rare earth metals
Escapement (watch mechanism)
How the Earth's rotation around its own axis and the Sun produces seasons
(why the earth has seasons)

Fractal dimension
Infinite dimensional spaces

Why the drain switch in my bath tub retains its up/down position when flipped
How they make powdered cheese in macaroni box
(how to condense milk?)

How toilet flushing works (visualize the siphon within)

Feynman's QED theory (the thing with light being a guy running to the end
of a field along a fence and he touches parts of the fence)

How to cinch a ponytail (I try w/ Izzy end up w/ tufts)
How to fold a onesie

How to properly fold a shirt
Why the stapler lets you open it to fill it but stays attached unless you pull hard

Fancy paper airplanes

How to adjust my bike brakes

Why water is (under normal circumstances) incompressible
How to fix a screw if its thread breaks

Why do baby thermometers have to go in the butt

Eurozone debt crisis
What those hanging flaps are in construction site

Infinite gear mechanism (on a bike)
Group theory as it pertains to solving a Rubik's cube
Galois theory

The butterfly stroke
Pitch (listening to a song and finding the corresponding notes on a piano)

Etymology/usage of "shit-eating grin"

How much DNA is shared between cockroaches and humans

Rectangle packing


Paper airplanes, aerodynamics of