November 15th, 2011


Livejournal, are you like a 16 year old's diary at this point

Who the F uses livejournal anymore?  But I'm too old to change up my game.
I was thinking about stuff I'd do if given a day off from consequences.
  1. Kick in a door like they do in the movies.  I always wonder how easy it is in real life to kick down a locked door.  In the movies the door always gives way after one or two solid kicks.  It's as if all doors in cinema are made of cardboard. 
  2. Break the glass that you break in case of emergency.  Also, pull the alarms
  3. Climb up Lefty o' Doul bridge.  I'm such a wuss.  The only thing stopping me is a sign that says 'authorized employees only.'  On the other hand, cops seem to show up at the most most inopportune times.
  4. Spray-paint graffiti and/or stencils on wall or sidewalk.  (I should do this. how bad can the consequences be.)
  5. Does no consequences mean no physical danger?  If so, hit the gas & floor it till I'm going as fast as possible.  I've never done that-- I think the fastest I've gone is 90 mph, maybe 100?  Maybe not even 100.  Sad.