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Amar's Guide to SF Voting Guides [26 Oct 2011|06:11pm]
This is proving to be the most confusing SF election yet. There's a bewildering array of candidates, and it's not at all clear what effect the various propositions might have. I reiterate my objection to voting on all this shit in the first place. Arcane procedural changes and budget line items should not be decided by f***ing popular vote!

Anyway, here are the voting guides I've come across thus far, in order of informativeness/persuasiveness. SPUR's is the best, if you only have time for one. (Or just wait till I figure out my picks-- will post completed ballot here when ready.)
  1. SF Planning + Urban Research Association (SPUR)

  2. League of Women Voters

  3. SF League of Pissed Off Voters

  4. DNA Lounge (Jamie Zawinski aka jwz)

  5. Stacey Bartlett (Pot Hill mom)

ANTI-GUIDES (mainly useful for deciding how NOT to vote)
  1. San Francisco Bay Guardian man, fuck the guardian

  2. San Francisco Chronicle
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