September 16th, 2011


Wikipedia vs expertise

Although Wikipedia is ubiquitous and I use it just as much as anybody, I am continually frustrated by how poorly written their topic summary pages tend to be. Often you get a slapdash hodgepodge of trivia that seems like it was written by a committee of autistic strangers.

Example: say you want to understand rare earth metals. Look at the Wikipedia entry. 90% of the time, this is probably all people searching for "rare earth metals" read. But now look at this "" page, or this Nat Geo article. Which would you rather read? Which actually gives you an understanding of the subject?

There needs to be a version of Google that returns the opposite of Wikipedia. I want a page from a specialist site, written by a subject matter expert-- preferably one who knows how to explain things. (Or at least distinguish important information from trivia.)