August 9th, 2011


I am sore from trampolining

It's fun to have friends in town

Lookit this picture of me and Dav

I'm the normal looking one

I apologize for not blogging that much lately... well, I don't apologize, cos it's not like I have a blogging SLA and it's not like anyone cares. So let me rephrase. I'm bummed that I'm not blogging that much lately. It's kinda what I feared-- being a parent leads to less time for navel gazing and prolix posts about video game characters and New Yorker words and yadda yadda

Rest assured dear reader, things are happening

August cal is red with friends visiting. Mattch, Rich, Lina, AJ, Nick, KT, and a cast of thousands

IT TAKES A VILLAGE (to teach my child soccer, and how to light a fire, and when to shave her eyebrows)