July 14th, 2011



case of dry soda came encased in an ocean of styrofoam packing pellets. only they weren't styrofoam, they were those ones that dissolve in water. still annoying though, so many pellets... what are you supposed to do with them? i dumped them into the bathtub & turned on the shower. they dissolved into a foul brew. it smelled like rotten marshmallows (or something)

triple point
superliquids (liquid helium)
why are there only 3 phases of matter?
why is the universe what it is
why does the future behave like the past? even if it has up till now, how does that prove it will in the future? SCIENCE IS BUILT ON A HOUSE OF CARDS

who decided that "not raising the debt ceiling" or "balancing the budget" is such an issue? not me. are there really so many people wringing their hands about the national debt?

fuck these fuckers and their nihilism. am i the only one who remembers when they came right out and said their only real agenda was opposing obama for the next 4 years ? i swear the republican leader in congress or senate actually said that, it was quoted in newspapers.

comfort myself by looking at the big picture. there have been reawakenings, there is always a conservative response to social change. people are scared of the change. but eventually racists & bigots die & are replaced by... slightly less racist bigots?

just so stories

RSA compromised

rivers are alluring