June 16th, 2011


Camp Tipsy this weekend!

Camp Tipsy is a campout and boat building contest with fabulous prizes that champions the idea that there is no such thing as garbage. Below are the rules of contest:

Rule #1

Anything that goes in the water, comes out of the water. Anything. Everything.

Rule #2

An entry must float and move through the water (by any means) for a total of 7 minutes and traverse a course that includes a complete turn around the judging platform. To complete a run, the vessel must be touching the dock at the beginning and the end.

Rule #3

Only teams can enter, and you must have at least one sponsor. You must register by the due date, which is 2 weeks prior to the event.

Rule #4

There is mandatory bribing of the judges. All judges must be bribed at all times.

Rule #5

Your entry must be made of bullshit. It should embrace artistic value and innovative presence. Your entry should be a work of art and mechanically genius. Form and function. You should expect to win first place.