April 10th, 2011


Wickerman - AJ - Four Lions - Spanish - Wickerman II (The Reckoning)

fig. a: Izzy trying out for the role of "Village Child #3" in The Wickerman (!!!)

  • AJ came and went. Izzy enjoyed spending some quality time with her bappa.
  • Liz & Brian dropped him off, we chatted. They pregnant!
  • Saturday we went to Dolores. Windy as hell.
  • Met Mike Scott at Monk's Kettle
    Mike Scott is the other Pai Brother, like the 5th Beatle
    He has orthopedic cast on one foot for the most mundane of reasons
    Monk's Kettle vibe is so so got quadrupel ipa pilsner fries pork belly
  • Back to Mikes for a gin fizz and some loud rap music
  • Back to mine for sfpizzeria and Four Lions.

I'd give it a B+/A-. Very funny movie. One of the darkest comedies I've ever seen. A lot of the jokes are painful.

The humor is very subtle & British in some places, extremely broad in other places. Some of the shtick was a bit too on the nose (dumb guy is dumb) but overall it's really good.

Its depiction of urban jihadis as bumbling nitwits seems closer to reality than any notion of them as criminal masterminds.

I really winced at how things went down towards the end... one jihadi's innocent uncle gets kidnapped, flown to Egypt and tortured for info despite not knowing anything.

To sum up the movie's sense of humor in two cliches:

(1) it's funny cos it's true
(2) if you didn't laugh you'd cry

  • Up at 7.
  • Took AJ/Izzy to Zeum. Carousel was closed, rode slides, ate jook at samovar
  • Picked up my bike, start the ride monday. Don't lose new sunglasses
  • Missed seeing Brad & the gang for thai food
  • Dropped off AJ
  • practiced spanish

  • disfrazar
    disfrazarse (de algo) - to disguise oneself (as something)
    El lobo se disfraza de una oveja - The wolf disguised himself as a sheep
    El lobo disfraza de una oveja - The wolf is disguised as a sheep
  • Ruido - noise
  • Aullido - howl
    El ruido de el lobo es un aullido (AOOOO) - the sound of the wolf is a howl (AOOOOO)
    Que es el ruido de una oveja? BAAA - what is the sound of a sheep? BAAAA

fig b: kt and liska trying out for bit parts on Wickerman II: The Reckoning