March 14th, 2011


Salt licks, banana cream pies

Went to Nicole's 40th bday party on Saturday. One of her birthday presents was a salt lick. In terms of density/weight, it resembled a white dwarf. The guy who brought it dropped it onto Nicole's table with a hilarious THUD, causing the table to visibly sag and the chips and dip to slide inwards, as if caught up in the salt lick's gravitational pull.

For a while it sat there with nobody licking it. Then I plunged into the void, reasoning that it's better to be the first one to lick a salt lick than the last. It was very, very salty.

Angi brought a banana cream pie. It was the perfect kind of pie to throw in someone's face. But, all we did was eat it. So regretfully, "throw banana cream pie in someone's face" remains uncrossed-off on my life TODO list. "Take a banana cream pie to the face" is on there too. Not sure which will be more interesting or satisfying, experience-wise.