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maybe it's just that I'm listening on headphones in the rain at 6AM but,., [23 Nov 2010|06:38am]
the new kanye album is a bit of a downer, innit? why so depressio, kanye? why is Chris Rock (?) praising this girl by asking how she "raised her pussy game up?" (she reupholstered it) I guess it's jokes but the music is melancholy. tears of a clown etc etc

etc etc means I'm too lazy to type more on my janky iPhone

pitchfork gave it a 10.0, putting kanyes new album in the hallowed ranks of timeless
classics such as "source codes and tags" by And you will know us by the trail of the dead. Remember those guys? who could forget, right?

I wish he hadn't apologized to bush. kanyes twitter got me onto twitter but I'm already mostly over it. it's like CB radio for rappers and food cartists

zzzznot a stab at kanye but not yet a rousing endorsement neither. I hear the mewl of a babe yonder, so this headphone party is over. tbc. I hope the first half is all party jams and nonsense cos I started from the end

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